Residential Organizing


Bedrooms, children areas, kitchen, living room, dining room, home office, paper management, financial record keeping.

Meet my client: CC just recently took in her aunt who requires 24 hour care. CC moved everything out of the bedroom to accommodate her aunt's hospital bed and belongings. But what to do with CC's stuff? It basically ended up in her bedroom, piling one shopping bag after another on and around the bed. Instead of sleeping in her bed, CC slept on the couch in her living room. She stopped having visitors since she was ashamed of the clutter and disorder that spread all over the whole house.

After our initial consultation, CC let go of her guilt and felt confident that there is hope for her disorganization. Dealing with one bag at a time, I guided her through the process of making decisions: Do you love it, does it fit, is it yours? Many times, CC would tell me stories about an item, but after sharing, she was ready to let go. She realized that by being more critical, she surrounded herself with things she cared for. Working with an organizer helped her to be decisive before acquiring more items. Imagine her surprise as she finally opened her closet and had easy access to her favorite clothes. But the most rewarding impact for her was to sleep in her bedroom again. Not long and she invited all of her church friends for a Sunday afternoon get-together.

At the end of residential organizing, you will be able to:
  • Understand the problem of your disorganization
  • Have a system, that you can easily maintain
  • Ask critical questions
  • Free your anxiety
  • Spend time on things that matter
  • Have family and friends over

Thank you for helping me getting my life together. I am looking at my nice new bedroom and it is so beautiful clean and arranged.

--- CC, Paso Robles