Companies want their newly hired executives at work. Taking time off after a relocation is inconvenient to you and your employer. That's where our service comes in. In general, the moving company will set-up the furniture and start unpacking boxes. Everything is spread out on the floor so you really cannot find anything. We take the hassle out of moving and organize your place with your belongings - you will feel home in no time.

Meet my client: After the movers unloaded all the boxes and set-up the furniture, we started the unpacking. First, we set up PM's household including bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining area. Then we hung up artwork and pictures. Finally we hauled moving boxes and filling material. All the while, PM was at work focusing on her new job and environment.

At the end of unpacking service, you will be able to:
  • Have an efficient household set-up
  • Be productive at work
  • No long nights due to unpacking
  • Spend time on things that matter
  • Have family and friends over

It would have taken me months to accomplish what you did in a few days, and this all while I was at work.

--- PM, Paso Robles
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