How it Works

Project Fee vs. Hourly Rate:

After my initial visit, I will submit my quote with a project fee. This allows you to know the cost upfront, no matter how long it takes to complete the job. At the same time it confirms that you are committed to this project. In my quote I list different organizing options so that you can pick the job that fits into your budget.

Sometimes, clients ask for organizational ideas and feedback but want to implement them on their own. I am happy to offer consultations where I share with you my suggestions to achieve your organizational goal.

1. On-site visit
  • Meet with you for a first consultation
  • You show the problem areas
  • You get to meet me
  • I get to see the problems (might not be the same as you described previously)
  • What organizing tools do you have
  • What organizing tools will you need
  • What system will work for you
2. Proposal
  • Review needs and create project fee
  • Create proposal with several options to address client's budget.
3. Work
  • Schedule appointments and get started.