The kids have left. You look around your big house and wonder what you will do with all the stuff that has accumulated over 30 years. You may even be contemplating a move to a condo or a retirement home. You know you can't take it all with you.

Meet my client: DV lived in a home for the last 15 years and was ready to move to a retirement community. However making all the decisions was such an overwhelming task, that it had an impact on his health. His whole family lives on the East coast and was not able to give any assistance.

DV contacted FineLine to manage the downsizing process including:
  • Inventory and layout of items to be moved to new location
  • Other items to keep or pass on to family
  • Clear out the clutter
  • Garage sale, donation centers and online selling
  • Arranging for movers and other home services
  • Overseeing move from and to new location
  • Unpacking and set-up at new home
At the end of downsizing project, you will be able to:
  • Your residence is unpacked and ready to enjoy
  • Avoid tension among your family
  • No sleepless nights due to stressful decisions
  • Enjoying life in your new home from the first day on
We appreciate everything that you've done to make this a smooth transition. We cannot thank you enough for your help.

--- SV, Washington D.C.
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