You're done with the chaos. Now you need help. FineLine is the solution for you!

  • Organized people earn more.
  • Organized people are more likely to be promoted on the job.
  • Organized people accomplish more by wasting less time.
  • Uncluttered homes sell better.
  • Uncluttered spaces leave room for what's important.
  • Children of organized parents perform better in school.
Everyday Chaos

Chaos doesn't happen overnight. It takes months of accumulation before you realize what mess you're in. Frantically searching for items? Drowning in paperwork? Paying late fees? FineLine will take you from chaos to order by establishing an organizing system that works for you and is easy to maintain so you can feel in control again.

Life-Changing Events

When disaster strikes, you seem to loose control of your everyday life. Anyone who has experienced divorce, a serious accident or a diagnosis of disability in their child knows that it can throw you off balance. Along with customized hands-on training, FineLine will give you the necessary tools to take on the organizing challenge and adjust to your new life situation.